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Dear foreigu people!I`m Nakasato。Thank you for your iuterst.I admire your courage to live and work in japan.I`would be happy to,Let`s work together!On line interviews are also OK!

During the training as a traffic guard, there are several aspects that surprised me. Firstly, you have to move unexpectedly much. Not only your hand, but also you bow to show respect, and it is not less important to turn back, to the right or the middle of the street. So you also have to pay attention to your environment a lot, like bicycles and passenger since they have priority. So do buses. Often, you have to regulate the traffic with a partner, so it is a major part to communicate and inform your partner about the traffic situation. And you should not let the traffic pass, as soon as the situation is clear.

Công việc bảo vệ không chán chường và không phải là không có nhiều hoạt động như là bản thân đã nghĩ. Thậm chí nó giống như là bài tập luyện, và bản thân cảm thấy rất thú vị. Thêm nữa, ông chủ rất ân cần, dạy rất nhiệt tình và chu đáo nên cảm giác hồi hộp cũng dần dần đã hết.


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